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One of the biggest decisions a realtor makes is what CRM system they should use. After researching the market and testing several different softwares, my partner and I decided to go with Bizkinetic. When choosing our CRM we had a few items on our needs list. Our first need was being mobile friendly--not just web based, but truly an app based software. Secondly, We needed an admin account that could control our entire database, and would allow us to assign specific contacts, notes and tasks to individual agents as needed. Our 3rd and most important need was excellent customer service. I have to say Bizkinetic and their staff have put together an amazing priduct that has met and exceded our needs. Their staff has gone above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service. They are easy to reach and respond very promptly. My team has been very impressed with their product. Give BizKinetic a try, you won't be disappointed.
--Jessica Wade, 4 Aces Real Estate